Apples Oranges Bananas and Watermelon

Listening in on some conversation this morning to my heroes of code and these languages came up:

opa –

ember –

dart –

typescript –

Typescript I know and I have opted out on but OPA

looks like a not so usual suspect and promising. Ember has

been burning our ears but I never seem to dive in. Definitely will give it a go this week.

How about you hackers???


The elusive 500 error ?#@!

500 Server error means that a script has thrown an error, this is not a broken link

Set you Browser to show friendly http errors so you can debug the script.

Then turn on your favorite Tracing tool.

But for a real clue in an MVC application you may need to handle those Route Requests….

Happy Coding


GT 500 instead :-D

Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium

Prepping Jquery Callbacks


///Pulls Weather for locations that have Active
///Zip Codes

  function performLocations() {
    var arr = null;
    $("#pnlWeather").html("<span style="color: #ffffff;">...loading weather</span>clouds/imageservice/WeatherImages/?majikH@993n2="  + __root
+ "/Content/images/bing1.jpg&~n=" + Math.random() 
+ "' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' width=100% height=301 />");
 constantWeather(0); } }

constantWeather(0); });


Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium

White Hart Lane

MVC Context swapping or Shape Shifting

If your a fan of the request object and you need to pass along in MVC to some class already Defining the System.Web:

There are other solutions but :

var currCtx = this.HttpContext;
var  currPage = (HttpApplication)currCtx.GetService(typeof(HttpApplication));

Location = DA.CoolAppLayer.getInfo(strOfSignifigance, currPage .Context);

Und Voilla!!!!!

    Happy Coding  : – D