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Augmented Reality Domino Knock-Down Game


This is an advanced tutorial, and as such we expect that you are already familiar with XNA and scene graph based 3D programming. The game is a single player game in which the player shoots virtual balls into a real-world environment to knock down all of the virtual dominos overlaid on top of a board. The player holds a webcam in one hand and shoots the virtual ball by clicking a mouse using the other hand. Before the game starts, the player is allowed to add virtual dominos or modify the positions and orientations of the existing ones overlaid on the board as desired.

How To Compile and Run The Game

After you download the Goblin XNA distribution from, as well as all other necessary libraries indicated in the installation guide, compile the Goblin XNA project under the /src directory. If you’re not familiar with Goblin XNA framework, it is strongly recommended that you first go through the tutorials in the /tutorials directory. Then, find the ARDominos directory under /projects directory and open up the solution file in order to build and run the game.


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