Rad Notifications Toast

And yet another awesome Rad Control.Not sure how long this one has been around but I needed something similar to Toast windows I have been creating in Jquery for literally years now, Well or course the Telerik team has neatly bundled this up into a control that is accessible from server, client, cloud, and travelling comet. I am talking about the Rad Notification.

An event notification window that usually requires quite a bit of code due to all of your interdependencies and really on what you are trying to do. My version was hybrid of a code snippet from jquery from years ago. To deploy this into a web page I will write a service or handler expecting events and in the calling pages (client side mouse events) reference 3 JavaScript files, 3 images. On the server side of the page I would build up the launching window script programmatically. The built up script allows for reusability throughout the project once implemented. So things like Toast window size,icons, Header Text, message body & Time to Live are all passed in and return your choice of actual control or a string that is the launching script. Really a nice solution in a generic page scenario. Of course not my scenario today as I have just way to many things going on in my current application with a lot of older ajax panels interfering etc. So I said who would have already built something like this and thinks the same way I do of packaging things up neatly. Why Telerik of course.

So on to “Story board” I am tracking pdfs loaded in another hybrid pdf viewer below. As the pages are viewed I check / mark the pages complete. Once I reach certain thresholds I update the user profile.
Nice so far but when I am done here I initially go for the old school “return confirm”
~ Congrats you’re done etc.

The problem with this web 1.0 is that any time an event is fired this window can reappear or even worse refuse to leave and even though you are finished reading the file … well you get the idea. Its beyond annoying.

Here is where the Toast style notification  is perfect.
We notify the user and allow them to continue with business.

Problem: Event notifications annoying and potential errors.

Solution: Toolbar / Sidebar notification

Attempt 1:
(My Jquery Growler)
New solution cannot be implemented as client side scripts need to call server to be scaffolded and then
be written in parent window and on and on….. So my old 2.0 solution would have been great
but we to elevate this where we treat the events as nothing more than a message chain.

Attempt 2:

Telerik RadNotification:
Great my project team is already using Telerik and they have the latest libraries for ASPX.
I have a working prototype in a few minutes.

function CallClientShow() {

var notification = $find(“<%=RadNotification1.ClientID %>”);


Nice.!! my window fades in to top right corner and all of the settings are configurable
from within visual studio. Less hassle for future developers, myself and my reusability is maintained !!




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