pgAdmin – Failed to connect…

This is a shameless repost and thanks to the original solver!! The same problem happened to me today: And this is how I’ve solved it: 1) Use a text editor to open the file under the c:\Program Files\pgAdmin 4\v1\web folder. Change the value for SERVER_MODE from True to False, then save the change. (I […]

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Top 10 Git commands

Lets go through this step-by-step. To create a repository from an existing directory of files, you can simply run git init in that directory. Go to that directory you want to get under version control: git init   All new and changed files need to be added to the staging area prior to commit to […]

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Machine Learning -> GO

I just stumbled on this article so this is a shameless repost enjoy: A really great implementation of machine learning with existing technologies. Also, a real culmination of all the tools we have worked on over the years. Really sweet stuff. Have a look here

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Shameless Mongo Restore

Found originally on but this solution sounds way better then writing custom code. Consider the Team members in all you do …. ___________________________________________ You can do this with the command line tools mongodump and mongorestore. Use mongodump –db [dbname] on the source computer to export all collections of the database into files which are […]

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